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We're two writers trying to find our next break. Our show is about writing, Hollywood and our experiences on the way to...we wish we knew what.

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Our West Wing script, the first TV drama we ever wrote (and it almost got us a Diney Fellowship). It dates from the start of Season Two. Enjoy.

The West Wing: I'm Just a Bill

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Andre Fratto & Dustin Cook composed our theme music

Rob from My Silver Mount Zion shared site-building tricks that kept Jim from killing himself.

Someday we really will do another round of these podcasts.  The technology has become so much simpler and easier than it was back when we started. 

For now, a quick update on our status.  We are, oddly, in the midst of a round of development on another Stephen King project for ABC Studios.  Never saw that coming back in the dqay.  Haven, our Syfy show, just got a double-sized order for Season 5, which will air over two years and seems likely to end the series (though you never know...).  And we've just come off a year working on the show Crisis for NBC, our first network gig.

So it seems that we really have made a career out here after all.  Who would have guessed, back when when we were recording these? 

Wonder what happens next...

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Let's call this time lapse "the lost years" and leave it at that.

What happened?  We're the proverbial dogs who caught the car -- we sold our TV series.  So...sorry, we've been kinda busy.  Instead of doing podcasts for the world at large, we try to squeeze in time to do creator commentaries on the episodes of our show.

"Haven" airs on Syfy in the US, on Showcase in Canada, and all around the world on various Universal Television Global owned networks.

We're in the midst of writing and producing our second season, which airs begining July 15th 2011 here in the US.  We invite you to take a look.

...and, someday, maybe, we'll feel safe to give you the inside scoop of what it's like actually producing a series.  We could tell stories...but it's wiser not to.  ;-)

Someday, we'll record a new one of these.  Until then, good luck.

Category:general -- posted at: 2:39pm PDT

Where the #@$% have we been?!

...Scouting out the new landscapes of business in Hollywood, among other things.

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Ageism?  Sexism?  Racism?

That's the big listener mail topic this time.  There's more mail, of course, and the inevitable career update (hint:  we're being flown to Seattle!  Woo-hoo!)

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That's a good time for things to happen in a screenplay.

In real life, though, it's a good time to do a podcast.  While we're waiting for, well, anything to happen, we do a quick career check-in and answer MORE listener mail. 
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That's what they call it when you're up for a staff job...

...but they haven't called your name yet.  A little career update and lots of listener Q&A, including our thoughts on videogame writing.

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Three years of podcasting, forty shows in the can...

and finally, we listen to our audience.  This episode:  listener mail, and some overview on what we've learned so far.

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At long last, the WGA strike is over. 

What does it mean for the future of Hollywood?  More importantly, what does it mean for us?

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TV is in BIG trouble.

We applied for a WGA program to train future showrunners -- and damned if they didn't accept us...

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The WGA strike is all about the Internet... 

Why?  Because it's the future -- for all of us.  An inside take on what's going on and our thoughts about where Hollywood is heading.  Get ready:  everything you know is about to change.
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